St Kilda Medical Group provides the following services:

  • General family medicine for everyone

  • Health checks for everyone

  • Women’s health

  • Shared maternity care

  • Men’s health

  • Minor surgery (eg suturing for lacerations, removal of abnormal skin spots)

  • Cryotherapy (‘freezing’ treatment for warts and sunspots)

  • Immunisations

  • Wound management (eg chronic ulcers)

  • Travel medicine (excluding Yellow Fever vaccination)

  • Medicare health assessments (people aged 45-49, 75 and older, and others)

  • Chronic disease management services (GP management plans and team care arrangements, for eligible patients)

  • Referral for medicare-rebateable allied health services for eligible patients through chronic disease management services

  • Mental health treatment plans and referral for medicare-rebateable services with psychologists under the Medicare ‘Better Access’ program

  • Management of patients’ ‘My Health Record’ (St Kilda Medical Group is registered with Medicare for ‘e-health’)

Home visits are available by appointment for patients with poor mobility who have difficulty getting to the Clinic, for patients for whom care at home is more appropriate, and for patients living in aged care facilities. Home visits are not available for patients with acute illness.

St Kilda Medical Group can provide the following clinical investigations and services 'in house', or patients can be referred to a pathology service provider. Fees apply for these services. Medicare rebates apply, except as shown below.

  • · Spirometry (breathing function test)

  • · ECG

  • · 24-hour blood pressure monitor (no medicare rebate)

Dr Baird is a certified prescriber for MTOP

Imaging services (X-rays, ultrasound, CT, MRI) - locations

I-MED Radiology Network (MIA Radiology) - click on 'Find Clinic' at top of homepage

Capital Radiology

Alfred Radiology (includes Sandringham Hospital)

Patient choice legislation allows patients to take any imaging request to any approved imaging service. You do not need to attend the imaging service indicated on your request form.

Pathology service providers (blood tests, ECGs) - locations

Melbourne Pathology

Dorevitch Pathology

Australian Clinical Laboratories

Alfred Health (The Alfred, Caulfield Hospital, and Sandringham Hospital)

Patient choice legislation allows patients to take any pathology request to any approved pathology service. You do not need to attend the pathology service indicated on your request form.