Eligibility for Medicare benefits (rebates) for video consultations and phone consultations

Eligibility for Medicare benefits for video services and phone services requires the patient to have an existing and continuing relationship with the GP who provides the service. This relationship is defined as the patient having had at least one face-to-face in-person consultation in the previous 12 months with the GP, or with another GP at the GP’s practice.

Please note that this requirement has been imposed by Medicare.  It is a Medicare rule.  St Kilda Medical Group has no control over this requirement.  

There are some exemptions to the requirement for an existing and continuing relationship with the GP providing the service.  Please discuss this with reception.

If you have not seen Dr Baird, or another GP at St Kilda Medical Group within the previous 12 months, and you do not meet any of the exemption criteria, then you are not eligible for Medicare benefits for a video consultation or phone consultation with Dr Baird.  You can still have a video consultation or phone consultation with Dr Baird.  However, as Medicare benefits do not apply, you cannot be bulk-billed, and you will not get a Medicare rebate on the fee for the consultation.  This means that you will be 'out of pocket' for the full amount of the fee.

Video and phone consultations with Dr Baird are bulk-billed for some patients. 

There are no out-of-pocket costs for a bulk-billed video consultation or a bulk-billed phone consultation, provided that Medicare benefits apply to the consultation (see above).

The following video and phone consultations will be bulk-billed:

The fees for in-person consultations, video consultations and phone consultations are based on the duration of the consultation

For consultations of the same duration, the fee for a video consultation and the fee for a phone consultation are the same.

There is a separate fee schedule for attendance related to mental health.

Medicare rebates for phone consultations are capped at the Level B rate ($41.20).  If your phone consultation exceeds 20 minutes, it will be charged at the rate for the relevant Level (C, or D), but the rebate will be at the Level B rate.

payment for video consultations and phone consultations

When your video consultation or phone consultation has finished, please phone St Kilda Medical Group (9525 5200) to make your payment for the consultation, or to confirm bulk-billing for the consultation.  St Kilda Medical Group accepts over-the-phone credit card payments (all credit cards).

Fees for referred services

As part of your assessment and treatment, Dr Baird may refer you for other healthcare services, such as specialist consultations, allied health services (eg physiotherapy, podiatry), mental health services, pathology tests, and imaging tests. There are fees for these GP referred services.  GPs have no control over these fees.  Some of these services are eligible for a Medicare rebate, and some of these services may be bulk billed.  Please discuss the fees with the service provider. 

Here are some examples of referred services and the Medicare rebates for those referred services.

Initial consultation - physician (MBS item 110): Medicare rebate = $142.60

Initial consultation - specialist (not a physician, MBS item 104): Medicare rebate = $80.85

Initial consultation - psychiatrist (over 45 minutes, MBS item 296): Medicare rebate = $246.00

Consultation with a psychiatrist for assessment and management plan (MBS item 291): rebate = $427.75

Consultation with clinical psychologist (MBS item 80010): Medicare rebate = $136.35

Consultation with general psychologist (MBS item 80110): Medicare rebate = $92.90

Consultation with allied health practitioner (e.g. physiotherapist, podiatrist, diabetes educator, chiropractor, etc) - for patients who have a GP Management Plan and Team Care arrangements: Medicare rebate = $58.00 per service/consultation, up to a maximum of 5 allied health practitioner services/consultations per calendar year (= $290 per year)

CT scan of chest: Medicare rebate = $270.30

Full blood examination (pathology test): Medicare rebate = $14.45

MBS = 'Medicare Benefits Schedule'

* For non-GP services, the Medicare Rebate (as indicated) is 85% of the Medicare Schedule Fee.