I will send you a text message when I have checked the results for your pathology tests, or the reports for your imaging tests.

The message will include summaries of the results and reports, interpretation, comments on the significance of the results and reports, advice, recommended actions, and recommended follow-up (for example, phone me, make an appointment within one week, arrange a further test).

For results and reports that need urgent action, I will phone you, and discuss this with you, for example, call 000, go to the Emergency Department, see a GP today.

Unless advised otherwise, results and reports will be sent to you within five days of the test.   If you have not received your results or reports within five days of the test, please contact SKMG, and leave a message for me. 

Please do not assume that ‘no news is good news’.  

Clinically significant results and reports are those that are relevant to diagnosis or treatment.   Normal results can be clinically significant.

It's important for you to get your test results and reports, and to get the interpretation and recommendations.  

Even if results are normal, or not clinically significant, they may provide reassurance, and they may be relevant to your health and to your care.