There are two options for getting a report on the results of your pathology or diagnostic imaging tests.

  1. · use ‘Ozdocsonline’. The fee is $15.

  2. · arrange a video consultation or in-person consultation. This is bulk-billed if the consultation is only for the purpose of discussion investigation results and reports.

Unless advised otherwise, reports will be available three days after the test. Although I will contact you for results that require urgent action (eg follow-up appointment, referral), and for results that are clinically significant, please do not assume that ‘no news is good news’.

Clinically significant results are results that are relevant to diagnosis or treatment.

It's important for you to get your test results, and to get the interpretation and recommendations for your test results.

Even if results are normal, or not clinically significant, they may provide reassurance, and they may be relevant to your health and to your care.