Video consultations - page 1

quick start

  1. Book an appointment online, by phone (9531 6766), or in person at the Clinic (63 Glen Huntly Road, Elwood), for a video consultation ('standard' - up to 12 minutes; 'long' - up to 25 minutes)
  2. Check that you have the latest versions of Chrome or Safari on your computer, laptop, tablet, or phone
  3. Check that your camera (webcam) and your microphone are ‘unblocked’
  4. For your privacy, sit somewhere where you can be alone (or with your child/children, or other relative, if relevant), and where you won't be disturbed
  5. Preferably, your background should be plain (eg a white wall); there should be no lights or windows behind you (these will make you appear dark in the video); if the room is dark, switch on an overhead light
  6. Put your computer, laptop, tablet, or phone on a table or desk, so that the video doesn't move around
  7. If using a tablet or a phone, put the device in a horizontal position so that the video is 'landscape'
  8. At least five minutes before your appointment time, click here to start the procedure for entering the private online 'virtual waiting room' (steps 9-14 below)
  9. Click ‘Run a Precall Test’ (this checks your setup) – make any changes that are indicated. The Precall Test opens in a new window. This window can be closed when the Precall Test is complete
  10. Click on the ‘allow camera’ button and on the 'allow microphone' button (if displayed)
  11. Click ‘Start a Video Call’
  12. Enter your name and phone number where indicated
  13. Tick to accept ‘Terms of Use’, ‘Privacy Policy’, and ‘Cookies’
  14. Click ‘Continue’ to enter the 'virtual waiting room' (the 'call queue'); if you decide that you don't want to have the consultation, click 'Leave the waiting room queue' at the bottom of the page
  15. You can change the waiting room music (volume, style); you can stop the music (press the pause (||) button)
  16. I will connect you to the 'virtual consulting room' when ready for the consultation
  17. The video consultation will start; you and I will see and hear one another in 'real time'
  18. I have two screens: One displays the 'video stream' (you), the other displays your clinical record. During the consultation, you may see me looking from one screen to the other, or looking down to write notes
  19. Relevant photos, PDFs, and other files can be shared securely in the video consultation; there is also an option for you to send me text messages, and for me to send you text messages (this is secure, and the text 'vanishes' when the call is finished)
  20. At the start of the consultation, I will confirm your:
  • identity
  • location (in case you're not at your home address, and emergency services need to be contacted)
  • consent for the video consultation
  • consent for the fee for the video consultation - if there is a fee. ( Video consultations are bulk-billed for most patients (with bulk-billing, there is no fee for the patient, and no out-of-pocket cost))


When the consultation has finished, please phone the Receptionist at the Clinic, 9531 6766.


  • To pay the fee for the consultation by credit card.


  • To confirm bulk-billing for the consultation (for patients who are eligible for bulk-billing).

Please refer to Fees for information about fees and about bulk-billing

Any questions or any problems?

If there are any problems with setting up or using the video call, please phone the Clinic, 9531 6766.